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Korpoströms Gård

A farm with historical roots in the heart of the archipelago. We offer various services and products such as boat moorings, car parking and, in summer, direct sales of local products.

Beautiful view of the Korpoström Gård main building in the middle of a field.

Alpaca products

Alpacas have been grazing and ruminating on Korpoström's meadows since 2012 when the first proud alpacas came to us.

The wonderfully soft wool is spun into yarn that you can buy directly from our old magazine - Korpoströms Magasinet - during the summer.
Two alpacas standing next to each other in a field.
Two alpacas standing next to each other.
Display of alpaca wool in Korpoströms mazasinet
Balls of yarn in a basket.
Korpoströms Magasinet front view with the sun shining on it.
A red barn with a sign in front.
Korpoström Magasinet interior with many locally produced products for sale.
A woman picking strawberries in a field.

Opening hours
15.05 – 15.09

Korpoströms Magasinet

The farm opened Korpoströms Magasinet in 2020 to create a common direct sales point together with some other primary producers on our island. The goal is to complement each other's products so that together we can offer a wider range of locally produced and fresh products without competing with each other.

After four years, we can conclude that the direct sales concept in the historic building on our farm is successful. By clicking on the button below, you can see examples of our product range for the season. Please note that some of the products may not be in season at the moment.

Direct selling partners are Korpoströms gård, Wattkast Äppel, Walldéns Trädgård, Nystu Lantbruk and Västergårds Hantverk

In Korpoströms Magasinet you can only pay by card at our self-service checkout. We do not accept cash.

Opening hours
15.05 – 15.09


Where the road ends and in connection with the harbour in Korpoström there is a parking area for cars. We offer contracts for year round parking (yellow) as well as short stay parking (green).

You can pay for your short stay parking using the Easypark or Parkman applications on your mobile phone, at the coin-operated machine in the car park or, in the summer, by card at the self-service checkout in Korpoströms Magasinet, located right next to the parking area.

Address: Korpoströmsvägen 798 (link to map)

Price information for short stay parking
2h = 1,50€
6h = 3,00€
24h = 6,00€
Week = €30

Failure to pay the parking fee will result in a monitoring fee of €50.

En flygbild över ett område med mycket grönt gräs och träd.

Year round parking

Short stay parking

Small boat harbour

Many people like to have their leisure boats in our marina and all places are therefore occupied. If you have enough patience, you can add your boat to our waiting list by clicking here. contact us.

Information to boat owners: In the event of fire or other damage, each boat owner is responsible for making sure that the boat moored to the dock is insured.

Boats docked at a pier in Korpoström.


Localisation & contact

Korpoströms Gård map

Korpoströmsvägen 798
21720 Korpoström

Mailing address: Krogarsvägen 21, 21720 KORPOSTRÖM